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Better healthcare starts
with menstrual care.

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Period products are overdue an upgrade. This is it. A custom fit smart menstrual product that helps you understand your body better. Track your menstrual health without lifting a finger.

Get Health Insights

Monitor key metrics like volume, flow rate, cycle length and regularity to better understand your reproductive health.

See irregularities

Emm reads your menstrual health baseline. Know when you’re within normal range for menstrual health markers, and get alerts if things change.

Get data-led healthcare

Download and export your health data trends into a PDF that you can share with your GP and Gynaecologist for data-driven decisions.

Get ready for body autonomy.

The Bio-wearable Cup

Custom fit

A dynamic seal that adjusts to fit everyone, everywhere


Monitors key metrics like volume, flow rate, cycle length and regularity


A product that lasts three years, replacing up to 1000 tampons


Soft and flexible medical-grade silicone means it's so comfortable you won't know it's there

The App

Fill reminders

Track your cup’s fill level and get notifications when it is approaching the expected capacity

Anonymous data

An app that never gives us your personally identifiable information. Private, from Day 1.

Automatic tracking

Never again forget to input data into your app, Emm does this automatically

Health insights

Understand your menstrual health by monitoring key metrics like volume, flow rate, cycle length and regularity.

The Applicator


Simply push the cup through the applicator for precise placement


Just like a tampon, our applicator makes inserting the cup convenient and predictable


The streamlined design is engineered for a smooth experience


The applicator is easy to clean and reuse with a convenient and sustainable design

The UV Cleaner


Rinse and sterilise in minutes with the press of a button


Using ultra-violet technology to eliminate bacteria between uses


Small enough to carry on-the-go, wherever you are


Know that your product is clean and ready for use

Never-over flow

Keep track of your cup’s fill level with predictions based on your cycle history.